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We believe that the majority of small business could and should be doing more for the environment and community. We're starting with ourselves, but in the near future we'd like to help others to become greener also.


Interview a candidate and we'll plant a tree, hire a candidate and we'll plant 10.

Turnstone is proud to be a carbon positive recruitment company. That is to say that we go well beyond carbon neutrality to ensure that we do a great deal more than just offset our own emissions.

We do this by donating 1 tree for each and every candidate interviewed by our clients, and an extra 10 trees for every candidate placed. Furthermore we are committed to offsetting a minimum of 268 tonnes of CO2 by June 30 2014.

This program, monitored and accounted for by Greenfleet, ensures that we leave no stone unturned to ensure we are fulfilling our responsibilities as a small business to the environment and to future generations.

Green Fleet

Not for Profit - Beginning 2014 we plan to work with 3 different not-for-profit organisations to provide them with occasional pro-bono recruitment services. As we grow we will increase this number. We will list the organisations that we have successfully placed people with here.

Charity Events - We will partake as a company in these annual charity events:

  • March - Clean Up Australia Day
  • May - Mothers Day Classic - supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • October - Happy Tails Day - supporting the RSPCA