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The Turnstone Candidate Experience

We think that the best way to grow and develop as a business is to deliver a consistently thorough, professional, and respectful service to our candidates. After all, if you are an impressed and grateful candidate, you might just spread the word about us, or use us to recruit people into a future team of yours.

We're Good

We have the skills, experience and knowledge to ensure that you are thoroughly and professionally briefed on roles, companies and individuals; that you present yourself in the best possible light both in writing and in person; and that we are able to skillfully and professionally negotiate your remuneration and benefits on your behalf.

We're Gentle

We appreciate that seeking and securing a new role can take a lot of your time and hard work, that decisions can be daunting and that failure or rejection can be very disappointing - and that leaving a job can be both exciting and sad at the same time.

Human Rights

We treat all of our candidates as human beings, with respect and without discrimination.

Privacy is Paramount

We respect and uphold the privacy of candidates and manage their information properly and professionally. Please refer to our Privacy Statement for more details.

We'll Get Back to You

We return all candidate calls and respond to all candidate emails within 24 hours.

You'll Come Back to Us

Whether we are successful in placing you or not, we work hard to deliver an experience worthy of your referral to businesses and individuals that may require our services.